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Viral Indonesia Child Poverty

Coconut, Viral: Parents in Indonesia give their baby 5 cups of coffee a day because they say they can’t afford milk

"A 14-month-old baby in Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi named Hadijah has made headlines all over the country after it emerged on social media that she has been drinking coffee as a substitute for milk, which her parents say they can’t afford …
"… Hadijah may be one of millions of children at risk of malnutrition due to poverty. According to UNICEF data, in 2018, close to 3 in 10 children under 5 years of age were stunted (unable to reach one’s potential for growth) while 1 in 10 were wasted (suffer acute malnutrition). UNICEF also found that while poverty contributes to malnutrition, inadequate knowledge and practices of child-caring and child feeding also sustain high rates of malnutrition."

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