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Quite an ending for 'Homeland'. Consistently interesting, occasionally erratic series. Numerous bumps throughout (remember the graffiti?) and many other issues. Somewhere out there is a thesis waiting to be written on 'Homeland' and representation concerns - I'd be happy to supervise!!

On the positive side: Clare Danes' great acting held the suspenseful finale together, with Kamasi Washington's magnificent playing!

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Guardian, Homeland finale review – Claire Danes thriller goes out with a bang "It’s been quite a journey. Many viewers didn’t get beyond the divisive season-one finale and more still left after the departure of Damian Lewis when Carrie’s lover/nemesis Sgt Nicholas Brody died at the end of season three. More fool them. They missed the show’s transformation into a fortune teller, eerily predicting contemporary news. Troll farms, Islamist attacks on European capitals, fake news, Russian electoral interference and a US president-elect at war with the intelligence services – all were covered. No other show has had a better handle on world events."
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