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Lebanon Protests - Roundup - updated

Collected links on the Lebanon Protests #لبنان_ينتفض

Rania Khalek's Tweet contains some remarkable footage: "My on the ground @IntheNow_tweet segment on the unprecedented demos in Lebanon that transcend sect & class. Incredible to see a nationwide rejection of the sectarian neoliberal system that has ruled/destroyed this country"
Hashem Osseiran, AP, Lebanon's Hezbollah under rare street pressure
Firas Maksad, Foreign Policy, Lebanon’s Year of Fire "More importantly, protesters within Nasrallah’s own Shiite community are taking to the street despite their ongoing suppression by the militia members allied to him. In the southern city of Tyre, a traditional bastion of support for Hezbollah and the associated Amal Movement, people chanted, “How can we fight for you in Syria and Yemen if we are left hungry in Lebanon?”"
BBC News, Lebanon protests: The voices and faces of the demonstrations
CNN, Burning tires, brides and 'Baby Shark.' What you need to know about protests engulfing Lebanon
BBC News, Lebanon scraps WhatsApp tax as protests rage"Protests raged for a second day in Lebanon despite the government backtracking on plans to tax WhatsApp calls.
"The government had announced a $0.20 (£0.16) daily charge on voice calls made through WhatsApp and other apps."
Twitter: #لبنان__ينتفض
Men-women-and-children-gathered-in-the-Lebanese-capital-Beirut-Sunday-to-protest-corruption-and-tax-hikes-for-a-fourth-day.-AFP Levant News, Lebanese protesters gather in Beirut in fourth day of fiery demonstrations
AP/VOA, Anti-Govt Protests Gain Momentum in Lebanon, Enter 4th Day ,

Baby Shark as protest song (via Twitter)

Samah Hadid, Independent, Opinion : The protests in Lebanon have bridged social divides – now everyone is fighting against the corrupt elite "Hearing sunni [sic] communities in the north chanting in support of shia ]sic] communities in the south felt powerful for someone like myself growing up with sectarian discourse. "

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