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Reuters, Day of Ashura around the world, 9 Aug 2022 Slideshow

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Kavita Puri, BBC News, Partition: My journey to the ‘place no-one spoke of’ There's a technological edge to this story: "Seventy-five years ago Sparsh Ahuja's family was one of millions to flee their homes as British India split into two new nations, India and Pakistan. His grandfather ...

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Meili Criezis, GNET, Al Qa’ida and Islamic State Supporter Reactions to Zawahiri’s Death, 8 Aug 2022 "This Insight provides a quick overview of al-Qa’ida supporter reactions to Zawahiri’s death followed by a closer focus on pro-IS ...

Gaza & Palestine
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The National, 'Enough!': Gazans find themselves caught in the crossfire once agagin, 6 Aug 2022 "With empty streets and drawn curtains, Gaza feels like a ghost town. Its residents, tested by repeated wars, feel like ...

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Barriers around the Ka'aba have been removed. They were there as pat of COVID restrictions.

Media representation
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Old tropes get an airing in the Economist. Check the thread for details.

'Islamic State'
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Bruno Bayley, Vice, Photos From the Rise and Fall of the Islamic State "Lorenzo Meloni’s new photobook explores the Islamic State’s post-colonial origins, its terrifying ascendence and steep collapse."

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Sebastian Usher, BBC News, Tala Safwan: Egyptian TikToker held in Saudi over 'immoral' video, 26 Jul 2022 "Tala Safwan, who has five million followers on TikTok and some 800,000 on YouTube, drew ire online amid claims a recent video had lesbian undertones."
Al ...

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Mirror, Man who killed student, 21, when she rejected him could be hanged in live TV execution "An Egyptian court appealed to parliament for 21-year-old convicted killer Mohamed Abel to be executed on live TV. It hopes the broadcast will act as a deterrent."

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