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Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies essaysAcquired via Facebook, this one got me laughing.

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This is rather a nice view. Priceless, in fact. The view is also a TikTok phenomena.

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UAE Internet

Arab News, UAE has the fastest mobile Internet in the world, Ookla data shows

"According to Ookla’s Speed Test Global Index, the UAE had an average download speed of 178.52 Mbps, where the global average sat at 48.40 Mbps." Qatar and Saudi Arabia are in the top bracket. ...

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Arab News, Bullied greengrocer finds wide support from Saudi community "For more than three days, the name “Um-Ziyad” has been the talk of the town after a video by a so-called social activist circulated on various platforms portraying the greengrocer in the most negative light, ...

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Here's my tweet about a podcast featuring Mubin Shaikh. It's a fascinating case. The podcast is well put together too. The series is worth checking out. My link below goes to Spotify, but it's available elsewhere too:

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I thought this clip was particularly striking from the Mataaf:

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Faith Associates present a guide to mosque management for women:

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SCMP, Indonesia’s self-taught dental workers say they fill a need in society – just not in Hong Kong. There is an online dimension to this, as the 'practitioners' have used YouTube as part of their self-education. ...

art by Majd Shaker Jaha
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Eid Cards

Arab News, Saudi artist, Amazon launch debut Eid-themed gift card collaboration

"A Saudi artist has become the first person in the Kingdom to join forces with Amazon to release a series of new themed gift cards, featuring unique Saudi culture-inspired illustrations to mark the upcoming ...

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Digital Resources

Al-Jazeera, A Muslim history of the UK "Sadiya Ahmed has been busy during Britain’s latest COVID-19 lockdown. She has produced a podcast, created a heritage photography competition, and is working on setting up a Muslim History module to run alongside the national ...



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