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BBC News, Afghan war: Female TV workers 'shot dead by IS' in Jalalabad

"The three women killed in Jalalabad were aged between 18 and 20, and had recently finished high school. They worked in the dubbing department of the privately-owned Enikas TV station, said its head, Zalmai Latifi."

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Papal Visit

AP/ABC News, Intense preparations before pontiff meets Iraqi ayatollah

"Pope Francis and Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani are to meet on Saturday for at most 40 minutes, part of the time alone except for interpreters, in the ...

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Aina Khan, Al Jazeera, British South Asians suffer heavy toll as coronavirus surges

"Ethnic minority communities in the UK, hard-hit by the pandemic, have been forced to adapt how they say farewell." Important article ...

Everyday Muslim podcast
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Everyday Muslim: Stories from the Archives

New series, also available on other channels. This link goes through to the Spotify version.

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Palestine Arts

BBC News, Palestinian 'Techno Queen' Sama' Abdulhadi faces court over shrine event

"A Palestinian DJ is facing a court hearing in the coming weeks, after being accused of breaking rules around performing near a holy shrine in the West Bank last year."

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American Scandal, Encore: Iran Contra, Episode 6

This is the final episode of an American Scandal programme (presenter Lindsay A. Graham) on the Iran Contra controversy, which has been quite interesting (as a non-specialist listener). This conclusion ...

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For your listening pleasure:

BBC Radio 4, The Digital Human: Troll

The Digital Human: Troll explores the term in its different dimensions and its changes over time. Very topical! Relevant for those interested in forms of online 'beliefs' too.

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Facial Recognition Tech

Andrew Kersley, Wired, Couriers say Uber’s ‘racist’ facial identification tech got them fired

"Uber Eats couriers say they have been fired because the company’s “racist” facial identification software is incapable ...

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Biden Administration

Peter Suciu, Forbes, Hashtags #BidenBombs And #BidenRemorse Trending On Social Media

"By Saturday morning several hashtags and memes related to the bombings on Syria had been trending across social ...

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