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Another episode from Spyscape's True Spies series which caught my attention: "It's 2011, and the hunt for Osama Bin Laden is intensifying. Shawnee Delaney, a case officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency, is determined to be the one to bring him in. But her source on the ground - an Islamic scholar with ties to Al Qaeda - proves to be a difficult ...

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Iraq War

Here's an interesting podcast about David Kelly and the 'WMD' Dossier, from the 'British Scandal' series. While familiar with some of the details of this case, the final episode with journalist Steve Richards is particularly informative. It's available across platforms.

I can also recommend other titles in this series, especially on the phone ...

Mosul and the Islamic State
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Mosul Eye

Mosul Eye was really important. This is an excellent podcast (episode 1 now available). I've listed a couple of platforms below, but it is available elsewhere:

"When the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or Daesh) captured Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul in 2014, it heralded a period of unimaginable terror and destruction. A young man ...

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Discussion on money laundering, referencing platforms such as Hezbollah and al-Qaeda.

"When Everett Stern started working as an anti-money laundering compliance officer ...

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Here's my tweet about a podcast featuring Mubin Shaikh. It's a fascinating case. The podcast is well put together too. The series is worth checking out. My link below goes to Spotify, but it's available elsewhere too:

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For your listening pleasure:

BBC Radio 4, The Digital Human: Troll

The Digital Human: Troll explores the term in its different dimensions and its changes over time. Very topical! Relevant for those interested in forms of online 'beliefs' too.

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BBC, I Dressed Ziggy Stardust

"Across the generations, they were inspired by the skinny South Londoner, who challenged gender barriers and who played with alien identity and other-worldliness. Beneath the make up and exotic costumes, he was also the intelligent, politely spoken suburban ...

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