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Arab News, Exposed: UK Daesh cell fundraising for jailed jihadi brides

"Undercover journalists spoke with a “fixer” in Turkey before exposing a “courier” in London collecting what he thought was a £4,500 ($5,987) donation to the operation."

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BBC News, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh: Iran scientist 'killed by remote-controlled weapon'

"Iranian media are focusing on projecting two main messages - the threat of revenge for the scientist's killing, and a warning that Iran should not "fall into the trap" of what they ...

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Foreign Policy, The Radicalization of Bangladeshi Cyberspace

"To some observers, these heavy-handed operations appeared to be ruthlessly effective. Unlike most of its neighbors, Bangladesh has avoided large-scale extremist violence ...

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BBC News, TikTok: 'I didn’t know other LGBT Muslims existed'

"Shaz says she didn't know there were other people like her until she joined a social media platform where she now has 30,000 followers one year after joining.

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