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Gian M. Volpicelli, Wired, Telegram is crawling with antisemitism "The report points out that several channels devoted to antisemitic conspiracism, or to straight-up violent antisemitic content, have grown dramatically – and unimpeded by Telegram’s moderation – over ...

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AhlulBayt News Agency (Iran), Interview with Dr. Sahar Khamis about Cyberspace and Cyber Islamic Environments Long read/interview. "This is very important and we should use the internet also as Muslims to try ...

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India Today, China detains Muslim women for using WhatsApp, labels them as pre-criminals, says new book "A new book titled “In The Camps: China's High-Tech Penal Colony” has revealed ...

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Reuters,Iraqi forces capture senior Islamic State leader, PM says

"Iraqi security forces have captured a senior member of the Islamic State group who was a deputy to slain leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and oversaw its finances, ...

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Squid Game

Iman Hasan, Muslim Girl, How Ali Abdul From “Squid Game” Represents Reality for Many Migrant Workers, 7 Oct 2021

Warning: the article contains spoilers! "Player 199 (the number used to identify him in the game) is a hard-working, ...

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Religious Authority

Tim Wyatt, The Times, Council of sages exerts a growing influence on British Muslims

"Qari Asim, a Leeds imam and BBSI member, said the pandemic had given momentum to the fledgling panel, accelerating its acceptance within the fragmented British Muslim community. “In uncertain times ...

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Squid Game

Cheryl Teh, Insider, A real-life 'Squid Game' is being organized in Abu Dhabi

"The Korean Cultural Center in the United Arab Emirates is organizing a re-enactment of the games seen in the Netflix series for two teams of 15 participants."

Not ...

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Filip Noubel, Global Voices Online, ‘Kazakh language is perfect for rap': Interview with cultural commentator Yevgeniya Plakhina

"Music plays an essential role in defining the various identities of different ...

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'Caliphate' Podcast

Arab News, Canadian subject of NYT ‘Caliphate’ podcast admits fabricating story

"Shehroze Chaudhry, 26, who called himself Abu Huzayfah, spread false tales of his escapades on social media in 2016, including that he had been an executioner for Daesh."

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