Turkey Internet
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Arzu Geybullayeva, Global Voices Online, In Turkey, anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment is on the rise "Ahead of the march, organizers released a video in which they describe the LGBTQ+ community as a virus that has taken over Turkey and the world. The video was ...

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Arab News, 3 Iranian citizens charged in broad hacking campaign in US, 15 Sep 2022 "The Justice Department said Wednesday that three Iranian citizens have been charged in the United States with ransomware attacks that targeted power companies, local governments and small businesses ...

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Deutsche Welle, Egypt: Renewed crackdown threatens work of last independent news site "Egyptian authorities have Mada Masr in their sights once again after critical reporting. But the editor of the country's last independent news ...

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Egab, Quartz Africa, Technology is changing the face of farming in Egypt, "The new services offer weather forecasts, in addition to advice on irrigation, fertilizers, and market needs. But while some are quick to adopt new ways of cultivating, others ...

Morocco Internet
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AFP/Africanews.com, Morocco: jail upheld on appeal for blogger accused of "undermining Islam" - lawyer, 14 Sep 2022 "The Moroccan justice confirmed Tuesday evening in appeal a heavy prison sentence for ...

West Africa
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Karen Allen, Institute for Security Studies (ISS), Terrorists’ use of tech in West Africa must be contained, 15 Sep 2022 "Incidents are rising in which social media and messaging apps are integral to terrorists’ modus operandi." This issue ...

Egypt Internet
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Reuters, Egyptian court confirms dismissal of lecturer who shared belly dancing clip "A top Egyptian court has upheld a decision to expel an academic from her university job after she published a video ...

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Arab News, Jeddah residents most likely to be duped by cyber-scams: study "Jeddah residents have the highest engagement in Saudi Arabia with websites offering fake prizes, according to an experiment conducted by the Kingdom’s Banks Media and Awareness Committee."

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Alaa Abd El-Fattah's case was discussed on Andrew Marr's LBC programme last night, and also features in Ruth Michaelson's Guardian article, British-Egyptian hunger striker Alaa ...

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This is an excellent article from Paula Aceves, Intelligencer, New York Magazine, Afghanistan's Crypto Lifeline, 14 Sep 2022 on crypto issues and coding in Afghanstan. "In the year since the Taliban’s takeover last September, cryptocurrency use in the country ...

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