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BBC News, Coronavirus: Why some mosques are closed to women during Ramadan

"Women like Alma aren't just missing Taraweeh prayers, an optional prayer at night held only during Ramadan, many are unable to worship at all in their mosque, including Friday prayers." Digital dimensions ...

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New Pillars app launched. Haven't looked at it in detail yet. Interface looks interesting:

Apple Android

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The Observer, Editorial, The Observer view on Britain’s ineptitude at securing Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s release

Editorial opinion: "The anger expressed last week by the Labour MP Tulip Siddiq ...

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Non-fungible tokens

Arab News, Dubai-based 3F Music buys iconic memes for nearly $1m

"The music studio recently bought the non-fungible tokens (NFT) versions of the memes “Disaster girl,” “The overly attached girlfriend,” the two “Creepy chans” in crypto coin, ether.

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Robert J. Bunker, SWJ Book Review – Islamic State’s Online Propaganda: A Comparative Analysis

Some familiar themes in this new book by Miron Lakomy, although the price is off-putting in its current format. So, here's a review ...

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Reuters, Turkey adds crypto firms to money laundering, terror financing rules

"Turkey added cryptocurrency trading platforms to the list of firms covered by anti-money laundering and terrorism financing regulation, ...

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Turkey Internet

BBC News, Covid: Turkey prepares for its first full lockdown

"WhatsApp groups are now dominated by messages about how life will be in the coming days."

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Social Media campaigns

Noor and Zee, The Stylist, #HandsOffMyHijab: 8 powerful protest photos for and by young Muslim women

"In light of France’s proposed law to ban wearing the hijab ...

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Turkey Finance

Reuters, No more kebabs for bitcoins as Turkey’s crypto-payment ban looms

"Kebab chef Kadir Oner hoped to boost his new business by accepting payment in cryptocurrencies, but a ban by Turkish authorities will force him next ...

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Arab News, Twitter launches Ramadan-themed audio conversations

"This year, more than 10 million tweets were monitored about Ramadan in the 30 days leading up to the holy month. Building on this interest, Twitter launched جمعات_رمضان# (Ramadan Gatherings), a series of live audio conversations ...



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