9-11 - 20 years on

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Selected coverage of events marking 9-11:

BBC, Live coverage

BBC News, 9/11 anniversary: Left without a parent after that day

Andrew Buncombe, Independent, 9/11 anniversary: The day that changed America forever

"Twenty years on, seeking to trace the shuddering impacts of the attacks, which involved four hijacked planes and killed around 3,000 Americans, is a challenge on many fronts. Partly that is because they affected people differently: the experience of someone watching on television in Omaha, Nebraska will have been different from that of any of the thousands of emergency responders and firefighters who rushed to the scene, gulping in toxic dust and smoke – some of which, even now, remains embedded in their bodies."

Al Jazeera, ‘Under the prism’: Muslim Americans reflect on life post-9/11

"Faris Ibrahim, 28, an author and host of the podcast The Faris of Them All that often features Muslim American guests, said after 9/11 he remembers school friends treating him differently and teachers asking him “inappropriate” questions about his parents’ religion and political beliefs."

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