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Rahmah Ghazali, The Scotsman, Andrew Tate: ‘Misogynist’ influencer converts to Islam after video of him praying in UAE mosque goes viral

- a story that is getting coverage on social media "Tate rose to popularity after his professional career as a kickboxer flourished, but it is his role as an internet personality that has made him as well-known and popular as he is today. Tate went on to become a prominent social media influencer who often spouts misogynistic, sexist, prejudiced, and overall damaging opinions to millions of followers after being kicked out of Big Brother in 2016 for abusing a woman, according to the BBC."

Also see further coverage (including social media reaction) on Mr Tate, this time from Sher Alam at Sher Alam,, "Misogynist Influencer Andrew Tate Converts to Islam [Video]"

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