Hajj Tech Update

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A selection of articles on tech and hajj/umrah:

Asharq Al-Awsat, Smart Cards, ‘Green Holy Sites’ Initiative, Robots Serving Pilgrims during Hajj 2021

"As the pilgrims flocked to Makkah, they were on a date with the latest tech-reinforced projects, especially at the security control center at the city’s Shimisi entrance, which is supervised by the Royal Commission for the Development of Makkah City and the Holy Sites."

There's a thesis to be written about the implications of hajj/umrah robotic tech. I'd be interested to supervise it!

Also relevant in this zone of interest:

Arab News, Hajj 2021: How the pilgrim routes to Makkah and Madinah evolved over the centuries

"Even today, the pilgrimage continues to shape the evolution of Makkah’s transport infrastructure and its growing urban layout. As the Hajj 2021 season approached, new roads and tunnels featuring the latest traffic-control technology were under construction to cater for the expected influx of visitors."

Arab News, Saudi dealers make livestock purchase easier through e-sales and apps.

"Online sellers have adopted the latest marketing techniques for sacrifices, with market traders this year offering a selection of sheep, cattle and goats to customers via Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram."

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