Khairi Saadallah

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BBC News, Reading park killer had long history of violence

"When applying for asylum, he [Khairi Saadallah] told Home Office officials he had been in the Islamist militant group Ansar al-Sharia - which would later be banned in the UK as a terrorist organisation - but lied by claiming he had not fought himself, saying: "I did not shoot or use any weapons.". Significant online dimensions in this case

Khairi Saadallah

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Guardian, Reading attacker Khairi Saadallah given whole-life prison sentence

"The prosecution said Saadallah had a longstanding interest in extremism and in 2019, had accessed material on his mobile phone about Mohammed Emwazi, the Isis propagandist seen in videos taunting victims before killing them, and two days before the attack had accessed a website with the flag associated with Isis, which had staged numerous attacks against western targets.

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