New & Noted: 'Islamic State’s Online Propaganda'

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Robert J. Bunker, SWJ Book Review – Islamic State’s Online Propaganda: A Comparative Analysis

Some familiar themes in this new book by Miron Lakomy, although the price is off-putting in its current format. So, here's a review from SWJ: "This new comparative analysis relating to Islamic State (IS) online propaganda is written by Miron Lakomy who is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Political Sciences, the University of Silesia, Poland. Dr. Lakomy has been a visiting fellow at the University of Oxford and the European University Institute and a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge. His research focus is on online terrorist propaganda and includes the publication of a number of refereed journal articles pertaining to the Islamic State e-magazines, ‘gaming-Jihad,’ cyber operations, and related subjects."



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