North African Hip-Hop

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This is a great article - I've added some sounds on the page to accompany it, including Danny Hajjar's own playlist:

Danny Hajjar, Newlines, Hip Hop Finds Its Groove in North Africa

"Rappers and emcees from the region are boldly approaching hip-hop and the larger Arab music landscape by exploring taboo themes and proactively deconstructing societal markers of North African identity. They are experimenting with beat production and dialect as they go about creating a space for their music and for these conversations to be held in a public domain. This is not a knock on the Levantine or Khaleeji rap scenes; there are many artists who are doing this currently. But North African emcees are using their lyrical flows and melodic rhythms to grapple with the essential question of identity. The music sounds fresh and breathes new life into the pop-dominant Arabic music scene.

I'm open to advice on playlists, but have added something here to get going.


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