Louis Theroux and Riz Ahmed

Riz Ahmed

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BBC, Grounded with Louis Theroux

"Actor and director Riz Ahmed chats with Louis Theroux about rap battles, his relationship with the UK and the joy of daytime raves." Very interesting programme, with perspectives on 'Four Lions', rap (including some nostalgia) and growing up in north west London(!)

Riz Ahmed

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Interesting to read about Riz Ahmed's latest film, Mogul Mowgli, which is accompanied by a new music video. I like the way it uses family archive materials alongside other content.

Independent, Riz Ahmed: ‘I’ve been doing this 15 years. You just get to that point where you’re like what’s driving you?’

Refinery29, Riz Ahmed’s New Film Tackles Childhood Trauma, Identity & Family



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