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Supervision: Islam and Medical Ethics

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Congratulations to Dr Taqwa binti Zabidi for the successful completion of her PhD. Her work explores the intersections of medical ethics and religious authority issues, with a focus on Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. This was through a ground-breaking study of Islamic Perspectives associated with the medical condition DSD (Disorders of Sex Development). To quote some of the abstract:

“This research sets out, in order, to: i) conduct an in-depth research study from Islamic perspectives on cases related to sex ambiguity in terms of various types of khunthā and associated gender assignment by taking into account the type and the extent of the condition of DSD the patient is currently being faced with; ii) identify the Islamic bioethical underpinnings for DSD conditions affecting gender assignment, treatment and the decision-making process; and iii) determine the need for the involvement of Muslim scholars in a multidisciplinary team to manage patients with DSD.”

It’s very interesting work, that makes a significant contribution to the field, as well as having practical implications for policy and approaches towards DSD/medical ethics in Muslim contexts. The thesis was supervised by me as Director of Studies, with Prof. Bettina Schmidt as co-supervisor. It was a real pleasure to work with Taqwa at the different stages of the thesis journey, which included a period of her working on the Lampeter campus, as well as from a distance in Malaysia. Hopefully it will be made available electronically via the UWTSD repository in due course.



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