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"Professor Leila Ahmed's book, Women and Gender in Islam: Historical Roots of a Modern Debate (1992) was published in a time in which there was little scholarship on the history of women in Islam. Over the years, it became a classic and was re-published in 2021 with a new foreword by Professor Kecia Ali, who has used it in her own scholarship ...

Lehigh Conference
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I participated in the first session of this Lehigh conference organised by Rob Rozehnal (via Zoom), alongside Sana Patel and Ismail Fajrie Alatas, in a panel on Authority and Authenticity. It was interesting to hear their papers, and to to receive comments from respondent Dheepa Sundaram. I also caught Madelina Nuñez and Harold Morales presenting ...

Virtually Islamic Blog
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I'm going back to individual posts on the Taliban situation in Afghanistan, as the evacuation phase is reaching its initial conclusion. You can track back on earlier posts by clicking the 'Taliban' category (above). The inordinate file sizes for the pages meant that they were becoming difficult to access. I am prepping a chapter on this for my next ...

Al Jazeera, 16.8.21
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Collected links on the situation in Afghanistan, with a subtext on social media and internet concerns, are below. As always, posting does not necessarily mean endorsement. In line with the central area of my research, my focus is on internet use in relation to this situation (I'm not an Afghanistan expert). Please be patient with accessing this page, ...

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