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"Professor Leila Ahmed's book, Women and Gender in Islam: Historical Roots of a Modern Debate (1992) was published in a time in which there was little scholarship on the history of women in Islam. Over the years, it became a classic and was re-published in 2021 with a new foreword by Professor Kecia Ali, who has used it in her own scholarship ...

Religious authority and gender
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Taliban and dress-code issues:

This is a video response to a question about dress-code issues, although I don't have further details at this stage. The response itself went viral.

Al Jazeera, 16.8.21
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Collected links on the situation in Afghanistan, with a subtext on social media and internet concerns, are below. As always, posting does not necessarily mean endorsement. In line with the central area of my research, my focus is on internet use in relation to this situation (I'm not an Afghanistan expert). Please be patient with accessing this page, ...

Dress Code
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#worldhijabday is ongoing, so it's interesting to track responses to this theme from diverse locations. Expect opinions for and against online, and some old tropes being wheeled out for argumentation purposes. This is always a 'popular' subject for student ...

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I've been writing (again) about online recitation of the Qur'an by women. I first wrote about this in 'Virtually Islamic' (still a cassette era), published some 20 years ago, and have continued to write about it elsewhere. I am building up a good playlist, finding new and wonderful content alongside some established favourites. It's a work in progress. ...

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