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Iran Protests 2022
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Journalists arrested:

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This is an excellent podcast series from 'Story of our Times'. It provides a level of depth about Cantlie as an individual, and how he dealt with the challenges facing him. The podcast does not pull any punches. There is plenty of detail about the Islamic State and its treatment of captives. The podcast is presented by Manveen Rana and Anthony Loyd.

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Spare a thought for the local journalists and reporters who continue their work in Afghanistan. Some news channels continue to operate, under pressures and in some cases intimidation, while the Taliban has one eye - at this time - on its social media and international broadcasting profile.

Taliban press conference 17th August 2021
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Collected articles on Taliban (updated)

Social Media Posts, multimedia and quotes associated with the Taliban, Afghanistan and the current situation across the country are collected below, focusing on internet activities. I have put the articles separately on ...

Al Jazeera, 16.8.21
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Collected links on the situation in Afghanistan, with a subtext on social media and internet concerns, are below. As always, posting does not necessarily mean endorsement. In line with the central area of my research, my focus is on internet use in relation to this situation (I'm not an Afghanistan expert). Please be patient with accessing this page, ...

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