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Indonesia Internet
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New and noted. I haven't listened to this yet (will do later today!)

"In this episode of Pretty Good Podcast, Imam Ardhianto, lecturer and chair of the University of Indonesia’s Media, Culture, and Research Center for Anthropological Studies, discusses the transformation of religious social media movements in Indonesia and how they shaped ...

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Video from Amnesty International about the Taliban's approach towards some social media content providers:

Pandemic reflections
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Pandemic reflections from Haramain Sharifain, via Twitter, showing the reintroduction of the physical distancing protocols. This is a useful channel to keep updated on activities and responses to COVID-19 in Mecca and Medina.

Taliban press conference 17th August 2021
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Collected articles on Taliban (updated)

Social Media Posts, multimedia and quotes associated with the Taliban, Afghanistan and the current situation across the country are collected below, focusing on internet activities. I have put the articles separately on ...

Al Jazeera, 16.8.21
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Collected links on the situation in Afghanistan, with a subtext on social media and internet concerns, are below. As always, posting does not necessarily mean endorsement. In line with the central area of my research, my focus is on internet use in relation to this situation (I'm not an Afghanistan expert). Please be patient with accessing this page, ...

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Important comments on the impact of social media, from Husam Zomlot:

Social Media
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Social media responses to the Palestine situation which have caught my attention are posted below. You can also find related posts on my Twitter feed @garybunt] which is elsewhere on this page. Any sensible suggestions within the parameters of this blog are welcomed:

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