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Meili Criezis, GNET, Al Qa’ida and Islamic State Supporter Reactions to Zawahiri’s Death, 8 Aug 2022 “This Insight provides a quick overview of al-Qa’ida supporter reactions to Zawahiri’s death followed by a closer focus on pro-IS responses across a variety of platforms and the more prominent narratives being promoted by these individuals.” Also see

Here’s a summary of the #alQaeda leader’s main deeds in 60 seconds on Sky News. When I refer to his “respectable qualities”, I obviously mean in jihadi eyes! (i.e. his religious credentials, prison time, battle experience, decades-long commitment, poetry…) #ZawahiriEliminated pic.twitter.com/JzbyGUclPM— Elisabeth Kendall (@Dr_E_Kendall) August 3, 2022


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