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Commentary on social media and other media coverage on the current conflict and its repercussions (please see earlier posts on my content selection). I will continue to update this page. Many of these posts also feature on my X page (please follow @garybunt), and are usually posted there first, along with related materials (there’s often a time lag between posting on X and posting here!). The intention here is to keep a record of these posts (X posts disappear from time to time). This relates to my interest in digital archiving as well.

There are thousands of potential posts, so what follows is only a snapshot of activities. Warning: there are images of violence and injuries in some posts. Sequencing is date-related. The page links back to the earliest days of this crisis, so scrolling and loading the page can take some time (depending on your net access).

As with all other posts on my blog and elsewhere, reposting and retweeting is for recording, information and research purposes – and does not necessarily imply endorsement:

Louise Callaghan, The Times & Sunday Times,, Both sides in Israel-Gaza conflict are waging a disinformation war, 5 November 2023. “The spin and propaganda has become increasingly feverish and divorced from reality — and India is helping spread conspiracy theories.”

Watch until the end (above) on the power of education
From Alex Crawford at Sky News (above)

Courageous journalism here
Fortitude under extreme pressure.

Pamela Brown & Zachary Cohen, CNN, Hamas operatives used phone lines installed in tunnels under Gaza to plan Israel attack over 2 years, sources familiar with intelligence say, 25 Oct 2023 “Intelligence shared with the United States suggests a small cell of Hamas operatives planning the deadly surprise attack on Israel communicated via a network of hardwired phones built into the network of tunnels underneath Gaza over a period of two years, according to two sources familiar with the matter.”

Included for the imagery (above)
Never mind the optics …

Nicole Johnston, Sky News, Gaza’s underground labyrinth used by militants and civilians desperate to survive, 13 Oct 2023.

BBC Sounds, The Conflict: Israel-Gaza. This is a new podcast series fronted by Lyse Doucet, with contributions from Jeremy Bowen and others from the BBC. Episodes are concise, bringing together updates from the previous 24 hours (it seems to be recorded in the early hours). Amidst some of the other media coverage, this podcast is welcome for its balance and insights.

Labour Muslim Network reacts to Sir Keir Starmer’s statement on LBC:

This is an incisive piece by Antony Loewenstein on ABC News (Australia):

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