Rahmah Ghazali, The Scotsman, Andrew Tate: ‘Misogynist’ influencer converts to Islam after video of him praying in UAE mosque goes viral

– a story that is getting coverage on social media “Tate rose to popularity after his professional career as a kickboxer flourished, but it is his role as an internet personality that has made him as well-known and popular as he is today. Tate went on to become a prominent social media influencer who often spouts misogynistic, sexist, prejudiced, and overall damaging opinions to millions of followers after being kicked out of Big Brother in 2016 for abusing a woman, according to the BBC.” Also see further coverage (including social media reaction) on Mr Tate, this time from Sher Alam at propakistani.pk. Sher Alam, propakistani.pk, “Misogynist Influencer Andrew Tate Converts to Islam [Video]”



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