15 homes, just three survivors – the community lost under one Turkish apartment block https://t.co/rkwxi3Tk6I— Gary Bunt (@garybunt) February 11, 2023

Turkey-Syria earthquake: Rebel leader in Idlib calls for urgent international help as families devastated by quake ⁦@AlexCrawfordSky⁩ exemplary reporting from ⁦@SkyNews⁩ team ⁦@KayBurley⁩— Gary Bunt (@garybunt) February 11, 2023

Taking the defining image of the disaster (The Guardian), 11 Feb 2023
https://t.co/MKXdc8BUMd— Gary Bunt (@garybunt) February 11, 2023

No more room for the dead and vanishing hope for the living (The Guardian), 11 Feb 2023
https://t.co/c1AsFXB7VU— Gary Bunt (@garybunt) February 11, 2023


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