UK MP Tobias Ellwood’s video on Afghanistan was not well-received in the UK (but was reposted by the Taliban). Here’s a summary: Roh Yakobi, KabulNow, Opinion: Normalising the Taliban will make Afghanistan suffer more and the world less safe “The Taliban, has indeed, welcomed Ellwood’s “report” shared in video on Twitter. In a tweet, the group’s longtime spokesperson, Zabihullah Mujahid, said that what Ellwood has reported is a small part of the positive things it has done.”

Judge for yourself: Zabihullah’s post is pasted below, complete with the video (and incongruous music) from Mr Ellwood. The excellent work of the Halo Trust is rightly highlighted in the video, but there are other elements normalising the Taliban’s role that critics have found less welcome. Note: Mr Ellwood has deleted the video on his Twitter feed:


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