NEW @UyghurProject report 🗒️

The Complicity of Heritage: Cultural Heritage & Genocide in the Uyghur Region—we examine 👇🏽

➡️ China’s “cultural cleansing” of Uyghurs
➡️ How China uses heritage for political purposes
➡️ @UNESCO🇺🇳 & members’ failures

Read:— Uyghur Human Rights Project (@UyghurProject) February 9, 2023

BREAKING: New search tool with 5 million data entries from the #XinjiangPoliceFiles enables Uyghur diaspora & others to search the status of ~730,000 individuals from Xinjiang.

That makes it the *largest searchable dataset* of persons from Xinjiang. /1— Adrian Zenz (@adrianzenz) February 9, 2023


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