Important research from Sheffield University. This issue has a strong technological element, hence the inclusion in this blog: David Tobin & Nyrola Elimä, “We know you better than you know yourself”: China’s transnational repression of the Uyghur diaspora (Sheffield University) “This report finds that the scale of transnational repression in the Uyghur diaspora is universal, and its impact severely restricts their rights to free speech and associations, and the capacity to maintain their culture. Transnational repression has expanded in Xi Jinping’s “new era,” but its tactics have gradually changed since 2017, with increased use of Uyghur informants to gather intelligence while backing off from harassing those who resist pressure. These tactics have evolved to avoid international attention by harassing isolated individuals, placing community figures under surveillance, quietly intimidating Uyghurs from speaking publicly and even enlisting them to create positive images of China.”


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