"Sebagai penutup buku, Bunt menaruh beberapa inti gagasan penting yang mewakili perjalanan dirinya sebagai seorang pakar dalam kajian Islam selama kurang-lebih dua dekade." Izmy Khumairoh, The_Suryakanta, June 2022

Bunt paints a rich and comprehensive picture of the evolving Islamic discourses in cyberspace and their cause and effect relationship with the equally shifting notion of Islamic authority in the digital age. This book is a serious effort to better analyze the world’s fastest growing, yet widely misperceived, religion." Sahar Khamis, (University of Maryland), American Religion, Vol. 3, No. 1 (Fall 2021), pp. 113-116

The book is the most comprehensive overview I’ve come across, of the multiple ways in which the Internet as both media and a tool, represents a radical game changer within the global umma." Atanas Shinikov, The Inscriber

"It is a comprehensive snapshot of a constantly changing world, and Bunt’s enormous work saving these digital traces of our time for both the near and distant future is commendable." Henrik Reintoft Christensen, Contemporary Islamic Studies, 2021

"Readers who want to learn more about how Muslims organise online are recommended Hashtag Islam: How Cyber-Islamic Environments are Transforming Religious Authority by Gary R. Bunt." Burhan Wazir, The Guardian

"Gary Bunt's Hashtag Islam provides readers with cutting edge analysis of how technology influences the dissemination of Islamic thought, mobilisation and networking." The New Arab, Sadek Hamid, 'Hashtag Islam' review, February 2020

"This slim volume by one of the major scholars writing on Muslims and digital religion packs a substantial punch…" Andrea L. Stanton, Middle East Journal, Fall 2019

"Overall, Hashtag Islam provides an extensive and elaborate guided tour of recent CIEs’ developments, with its noteworthy chapters on fatwas online, an important dimension, though not the only one, of religious authority, and on ISIS’ digital activities. A real tour de force."
Roxanne D. Marcotte, Studies in Religion, January 2021

"Recognizing that “cyber-Islamic environments” are fast-moving targets, Bunt carefully frames his research with enduring theoretical pieces that are relevant and accessible for a broadly academic audience. McLuhan, Habermas, Barthes, and Baudrillard surface frequently in Bunt’s work and help ground the empirical findings that are the real treasure of this book."
Paul K Mcclure, Hashtag Islam: How Cyber-Islamic Environments Are Transforming Religious Authority, by GARY R. BUNT, Sociology of Religion, Volume 80, Issue 4, Winter 2019, Pages 542–543

"In addition to serving as a recent survey of 'cyber-Islamic environments' over the past decade, Hashtag Islam performs important work in disrupting dominant narratives promoted by major Western media outlets and government entities that tend to associate the use of new media technologies in Muslim-majority contexts only with jihadism, terrorism, and violence." Benjamin Ale-Ebrahim, MEDİAD, Medya ve Din Araştırmaları Dergisi | Journal of Media and Religion Studies, 2019, 2(2), 333-335 [PDF]

"While providing insight into the evolution of the application of technology to religion, this book is unequivocally enhancing the scholarly database that investigates the critical relationship between religion and technology." Prasaadi Dangolla, Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture, Vol. 3 Issue 3 2019

“ … the sociological underpinnings of this work make for a touchstone for further investigation.” James Wetherbee, Library Journal, 'Spirituality and Religion', August 2018

“If you're interested in how Islamic identity is changing across the world as social media grows, pre-order @garybunt's excellent new volume.”
Hussein Kesvani, Author: Follow Me, Akhi: The Online World of British Muslims. @HKesvani, 23 July 2018

"...by investigating how Muslim communities are utilizing (and being transformed by) the ongoing worldwide digital revolution, this work proves to be an important addition to literature on contemporary Islam."
Publishers Weekly

" "Bunt’s book is a good and concise summary of these developments, accessible both to the literate public and to scholars who are making their first inquiries into the topic." American Academy of Religions, 'Reading Religion', January 2019

"Hashtag Islam demonstrates clearly and beautifully how the internet has impacted many aspects of everyday life of Muslims in the Islamic World as well as in the West (USA and Europe).  My undergraduate and graduate students of "Muslim Presence in Europe" found the book very valuable.  They greatly appreciated chapter 6 on  "E-Jihad and Gen-IsIs" as it contributed tremendously to their understanding of radicalization among young Muslims in Europe.

"The book provides answers to the many questions the students pose about Islam, terrorism, jihadism and about Muslims in Europe. It is written in a language that speaks to the students, a generation born in the age of internet and social media. "
Dr. Yumna Masarwa. Institute for American Universities - The American College of the Mediterranean, Aix en Provence, France

***** - Goodreads, 5.0 Review of 'Hashtag Islam', Nov 2018

"Spent the afternoon reading ‘Hashtag Islam’, by
@garybunt which will inform my own research on Sufi expression on social media. Gary provides some great insights into changes in digital spaces, religious marketing and authority." Ayesha Khan, Cardiff University (via Twitter), 18 Apr 2019

Russian language review of Hashtag Islam by Sofya Ragozina appears in Государство Религия Церковь

Hashtag Islam is included in Choice, 'The Top 75 Community College Titles' "The best of all the titles appropriate for two-year colleges reviewed in the May issue of Choice."

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