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Islam in the Digital Age: E-Jihad, Online Fatwas and Cyber Islamic Environments (London: Pluto Books, 2003)

Islam in the Digital Age: Reviews

"In this incisive and pertinent account of Muslim use of the Internet documents... how ideas like jihad and fatwa acquire a new form of activism as they are contested in cyberspace." James Piscatori, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

"This book is valuable in three ways. First, it demonstrates that activism and decision-making are two dominant zones in Cyber Islamic Environments. Second, it deals with changes in sacred cyberspace in the post-9/11 world. Third, as I see it, it goes deep into the Islamic Web to trace the e-content's human face. In fact, Bunt made history by writing Virtually Islamic -- the book in hand is a worthy sequel ...

"... This work can be recommended not just to students of Islam but for all religious studies and area studies academics interested in understanding 'religion on the Internet' and 'religion by the internet'."
The Muslim World Book Review, 24:3, 2004

"Bunt explores the whole new life of cyber jihad, imams, and Muslim online communities. He defines the themes that characterize the Islamic lane on the cyber highway.

"His work is pioneering in that no other scholar has aimed to launch a flight into the Islamic cyber world."

"A fascinating exploration of religion and technology as manifested in cyberspace'"
Carl Ernst Professor of Islamic Studies, University of North Carolina

" ... this book should be read by just about anyone who is online, and concerned with contemporary social, political, or religious issues."
Alan Sondheim, RCCS

"Bunt is adept at showing how the Internet has become a networking tool for Muslims and Islamic organizations, a strategy for getting around censorship, and a means of extending an audience for several Imams."
Robert Tynes, RCCS

"The Internet is very big in the Arab world. After Al-Jazeera, it is the second most important source of dissenting opinion. Literally, millions of people in the Muslim world rely on web sites to get their information and fatwas. A whole new life of cyber Imams and a new culture is emerging through Internet programmes and will have a profound effect on Arab consciousness. The book documents all this and examines various sites and offers the first comprehensive analysis of the impact of the Internet on Islamic culture."
Zia Sardar, author of 'Postmodernism and the Other' and 'Why Do People Hate America'

"Islam in the Digital Age offers a fascinating trip to the new Arab and Islamic configurations blossoming on the web in the post 9/11 world."
Yves Gonzalez-Quijano, Lecturer, University of Lyon

"Gary Bunt has done what no other scholar to date has tried to do: he has expressed the variety of functions which the Internet has been performed for Muslim cybernauts. He has demonstrated both the flexibility of uses and the persistence of themes that characterize the Islamic lane in the information superhighway. This is a book that will be invaluable both for cyber savvy Muslims and for students of virtual Islam."
Bruce Lawrence, Professor of Islamic Studies, Duke University, and author of 'Shattering the Myth: Islam Beyond Violence' (Princeton, 1998)

"Islam in the Digital Age is the first comprehensive analysis of Muslims and Islam on the Internet to appear after 9/11: Islam in the Digital Age identifies Issues and radical concepts of the e-jihad, describes its different forms in the online environment rnaging from on-line activism to hacking, and discusses religious insights into Islam on the Net. An important survey of Islam online." --
The Bookwatch

"Bunt expands the foundation he laid in Virtually Islamic on how Muslims have been using the Internet religiously. He offers an up-to-date overview of the rapidly changing and expanding "Islamic Cyber Environment," reference to sites across the spectrum of Islamic faith and practice, in several languages, and from both majority and minority Muslim social contexts. A good scholarly apparatus--endnotes, bibliography (including selected Internet sites), and glossary of Islamic terminology--greatly enhances the usefulness of this book. Recommended."—

"The religious uses that Muslims make of the internet are discussed in a new book, Islam in the Digital Age, by Gary Bunt. Dr Bunt, who teaches in the theology department at Lampeter University in Wales, has made a speciality of researching what he calls "cyber Islamic environments".

"When his first book, Virtually Islamic, was published just over three years ago, cyber Islam seemed like an interesting but rather specialised field. Subsequent events, such as the Palestinian uprising and the September 11 attacks, have given it extra relevance and these are taken into account in his latest book, which focuses on two particular aspects: "online fatwas" and "e-jihad".
Brian Whitaker, Guardian Unlimited | Online | Islam at the electronic frontier

"In 2000, Gary R. Bunt, lecturer at the University of Wales (UK), published Virtually Islamic, which made him a pioneer in research on Islam and the Internet. Three years later -- and with 9/11 taking place in the meantime -- Bunt is back with, Islam in the Digital Age: E-Jihad, Online Fatwas and Cyber Islamic Environments"
Religion Watch, 'Cyber Muslims' September 2003

"The book is short and surveys only a few of the many sites of only two types. It's certainly not a comprehensive guide to the Muslim internet, nor does it pretend to be. However, for those who are interested in exploring activist or fatwa sites, the book provides and excellent, thoughtful guide to the most prominent sites. Gary knows what he's talking about."
Al-Muhajabah's Islamic Blogs - Veiled4Allah: 'Islam in the digital age (redux)', February 27, 2004

"Begitulah juga dengan Islam dan umatnya, cuba memahami impak radikal kepada pemaknaan hidup beragama dalam era siber ini. Buku Islam in the Digital Age karya Gary R. Bunt, seorang pensyarah bidang pengajian agama dan pengajian Islam, Universiti Wales, cuba menganalisis secara sosiologikal dan kritikal perkembangan teknologi ruang siber ini kepada kehidupan Islam kontemporari."
Utusan Online, Internet mengubah cara umat Islam beragama, January 2004

" Gary Bunt vient de publier son second livre (en anglais) sur l'islam de l'ère digitale. Il y examine quelques-unes des consequences de cette mutation technologique dans le monde musulman. "
Religion.info, Islam et Internet, 3 September 2003

"Tra islamici e occidentalia differenza nel modo di usare Internet? Aiuta a rispondere a questa domanda 'Islam in the Digital Age', un recente saggio di Gary Bunt, professore del dipartimento di studi islamici dell'università gallese di Lampeter."
Corriere della Sera - L'Islam nella Rete, tra trasgressione e tradizione Italian review of Islam in the Digital Age.

"Son kitabı Islam In The Digital Age ( Dijital Çağ"da İslâm) 11 Eylül sonrasında İslâm ve Müslümanlar hakkında internette yapılan en kapsamlı din analizi."
Aksiyon, 'Digiislam', 18 August 2003 Extensive article on 'Digiislam' by Sema Sak, includes interview with Gary Bunt (in Turkish).

Hurriyetim.com, Internetten hatim, 28 November 2003 refers to Gary Bunt's work