New and noted: Alessandra Palange, Islamic education and activism in theory and practice: the case of two online e-learning institutes, PhD thesis, University College London, Institute of Education, 2022, PDF Abstract section: “The thesis explores the teaching of Islam online, particularly how Islamic educators formulate political ideas in online learning spaces. The research focused on the biography of the Prophet (sira) classes at two Islamic institutes dedicated to teaching Islam to adult Muslims online. Inspired by critical discourse analysis and grounded theory methodologies, this study explores the audio lectures and other relevant learning resources over a one-year period. This investigation set out to identify the interpretative strategies employed in these online lectures, that is, how the instructors connect the origins of Islam with contemporary social and political issues to inform contemporary practice. It also aimed to provide a reflection on how different methodological approaches to the study of Islam impact on the potential for political imagination.” This links to the PDF.


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