Open access report: ICCT, ICCT Press New Book – Female Jihadis Facing Justice: Comparing Approaches in Europe. “The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT) published today the new book “Female Jihadis Facing Justice: Comparing Approaches in Europe”, looking at the criminal justice response to female violent extremist offenders in Europe. Drawing on a unique dataset of 283 court decisions involving 277 female VEOs in four European countries, as well as on interviews with 69 counter-terrorism practitioners and policymakers, this data-driven comparative study offers new insights into the various profiles of these women. It also offers an in-depth assessment of the challenges raised by these women throughout the criminal justice system since 2012, while exploring in details the various frameworks and practices with regard to the prosecution, prison management, rehabilitation and reintegration of female VEOs in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands.”


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