UWTSD Lampeter Campus (Photo: Gary R. Bunt) showing the library and main building.

Tanja Mancinelli’s PhD ‘Harmonious Living: Sustainability, Ecology, and Eco-Islam in Wales‘ is now available to view in the UWTSD Repository. I was on the supervisory team (Dr Angus Slater was the Director of Studies).

The abstract states, “This dissertation addresses the question of the normative influence of Islamic environmental principles and their implementation within Welsh Muslim communities and Welsh society. More generally, this thesis is embedded in the academic discourse on the normative role and agency of religions in motivating their members to engage in proenvironmental behaviour.”

This is a significant and growing subject area – so do take a look.

I’ve added a suitable eco-friendly photo from UWTSD Lampeter – YDDS Llambed’s campus, taken a few months ago.


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