Having lectured on many aspects of Muslim media representation issues over the years, I have to mention Ms Marvel – which has been a joy to watch on Disney+. The series has levels of complexity and drama which go beyond traditional MCU fare, while also exploring important issues of Muslim identities, Partition, and Muslim life in New Jersey. Wrapped up in high production values and excellent casting, I can only look forward to the next phase in The Marvels. It has also become a lively hashtag on Twitter. I particularly liked the integration of comic book graphics styles overlaying the ‘reality’ of New Jersey and other locations, and the ways that social media are embedded at every part of the story.

NBC News, ‘Ms. Marvel’ co-creator on how ‘woke’ and ‘cringe’ show became franchise’s highest-rated ” “I think it comes from a place of anger and a sense that their identities are being threatened. If they can’t connect with it, then that’s OK. I just wish they wouldn’t try to put it down,” she said.”

Zoya Mateen and Meryl Sebastian. BBC News, Ms Marvel: The India-Pakistan trauma at the heart of the show

“My passport is Pakistani and my roots are Indian. And in between is a border, built with blood and pain.”

“It’s not often that you find a character in an American show speaking about India and Pakistan. But Ms Marvel, which features a teenage Muslim superhero, seems to be changing the discourse.”

Safiyya Hosein, The Conversation, Why Ms. Marvel matters so much to Muslim, South Asian fans

“With the Ms. Marvel series currently clocking in at a 96 per cent positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, I question whether we are on the cusp of a turning point for Muslim representation in the West — especially for South Asian and Muslim girls.”

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