This interview between Piers Morgan and Mohammed Hijab was picking up substantial comments online today on social media channels (from all sides of the issues raised), hence its inclusion here.

Programme description:

“Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by YouTuber and pro-Palestinian Mohammed Hijab for a lively debate on the historic conflict between Israel and Palestine and whether the terrorist attacks committed by Hamas warrant the level of response by Israel and whether the IDF should be labelled as ‘terrorists’ too for the mass killing of civilians during the bombing of Gaza.

“Mohammed makes the point that it is impossible to defend Israel’s actions as ‘defending themselves’ when they are the occupiers of Palestinian territory. Mohammed also adds that ‘flattening out’ Gaza with carpet bombing is an irrational response to try and get rid of Hamas fighters when he believes they have the capabilities to go into Gaza and surgically remove and target them.”


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