There are a range of opinions on and issues relating to the Royal Family emerging, especially online, some of which I am linking to below:

Sadek Hamid, Politics Today, End of the Second Elizabethean Era: British Muslim Responses to the Queen’s Legacy

Wales Online, God Save the King is sung in mosque for first time as Muslims come together “Worshippers at London Central Mosque have sung the national anthem, God Save The King, in what organisers said was a first in a UK mosque since the Queen’s death. Muslim community leaders from across London and elsewhere in the UK attended a service at the mosque in Regent’s Park to honour the life of the Queen and to mark the accession of King Charles III.”

Afroze Fatima Zaidi, The New Arab, Muslims mourn the Queen under Prevent’s watchful eye, 12 Sep 2022

(opinion). This discusses some responses on social media to UK Muslim organisational tributes to the Queen. “Afroze F Zaidi argues that tributes made by UK Muslim organisations to the Queen following her death, show complicity in the whitewashing of her colonial legacy, and are reflective of the policing of Muslims through the Prevent strategy.”

Also see this related piece: Priyamvada Gopal, Al Jazeera, Queen Elizabeth is not innocent of the Crown’s crimes (opinion piece)

Peter Oborne, Imran Mulla, Middle East Eye, Charles III: How the new king became the most pro-Islam monarch in British history, 12 Sep 2022 “A thoughtful man, he has studied Islam deeply, even going to the lengths of learning Arabic in order to read the Quran.” I’ve just started reading Peter Oborne’s recent book “The Fate of Abraham.”

Mohammed Abassi, Fatwa from the Grand Mufti of Egypt: Permissibility of Singing #GodSaveTheKing


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