Holly Patrick, The Independent, Royal Mint launches gold bar so Muslims can ‘give the gift of gold during Eid’

The Royal Mint has created a gold bar ahead of Ramadan so customers can “give the precious gift of gold” during Eid al-Fitr.

Created in consultation with the Muslim Council of Wales and designed by Emma Noble, the 20g bar features the Kaaba, a site considered by Muslims to be the most sacred on Earth.

This announcement seems timely (or not, depending on your perspective) in that this appears around the day of the Budget in the UK (or coincidental, given Ramadan commences next week). I’m not sure in the current financial climate whether buying gold bars is open to many people, but it looks very nice as an Eid gift and there are charitable connections to the purchase. There is also a connection with Wales. The price for one 20g Kaaba gold bar is (at the time of writing) £1,154.34. Prices are linked to the current gold index. Alas, I’m not on commission …

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Here’s a fatwa on buying gold (other opinions are available): IslamWeb, Fatwa 235801, Buying gold or silver coins on the Internet

And as a side-note: there’s an ontology of ‘gold’ here Corpus Qur’an, Gold and Qur’an references to ‘gold’ are discussed here in The Last Dialogue’s pages (other translations available, etc.).


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