This is the fifth month since the current Israel-Hamas conflict commenced. I have been keeping copies of selected online content since 7 October 2023.

Many of these posts feature on my X page (@garybunt), and are usually posted there first, along with related materials and extra links (there’s often a time lag between posting on X and posting here!). The intention here is to keep a record of these posts (X posts disappear from time to time) and other content. I’m planning to write about these sources in due course.

There are thousands of potential posts, so what follows is only a snapshot of activities. Warning: there are images of violence and injuries in some posts.

Sequencing is date-related. The pages (from various months) link back to the earliest days of this crisis. Scrolling and loading the page can take some time (depending on net access/bandwidth).

As with all other posts here and elsewhere, reposting and retweeting is for recording, information and research purposes – and does not necessarily imply endorsement. For reasons of time, I don’t have time to comment on each post individually here.

Allan Woods, Toronto Star, ‘Can you help us?’ Gazans turn to crowdfunding, cold-calling influencers in bid to flee war zone, 4 Mar 2024. “The currency settings on the crowdfunding site GoFundMe were taking donations in Swedish Krona rather than a more common currency, such as the euro or the American dollar. When the exchange rates were applied, the amounts raised were several magnitudes less than what was required.”

This UK story (above) has a Gaza link, with the dropping of the Labour candidate in the Rochdale by-election in the light of his apparent articulation of ‘conspiracy theories‘. More details and updates via my Islam in Britain pages.

Some of the content emerging from Rafah on 12 February is too graphic to post here. I’ve posted some tweets below (which are still graphic in nature). The juxtapositioning of the Rafah attack and the NFL Superbowl Israel advert is beyond comprehension:

Arab News, Israeli soldiers’ videos of Gazan prisoners breach international law, say legal experts, 10 Feb 2024 “BBC Verify said it analyzed hundreds of videos uploaded since November by Israeli troops deployed in Gaza. Most show scenes of fighting or soldiers inside homes abandoned by the residents. One shows soldiers dressed in dinosaur costumes while launching weapons. In another, troops are seen setting up a pizza restaurant inside an empty Palestinian home.”


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