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Al Jazeera, Sweden rules out sweeping changes to free speech law amid Quran burnings, 1 August 2023 “Sweden’s government has no plans to make sweeping changes to freedom of speech laws but repeated it would look into measures that would allow police to stop the burning of holy books in public if there was a clear threat to national security.”

Arab News, Saudi FM calls on OIC states to take practical steps to confront Qur’an desecration incidents, 31 July 2023, “Minister said freedom of expression should be a moral value that spreads respect and coexistence among people and not a tool to spread hatred”

Asharq Alawsat, OIC Members Consider Reviewing Ties with Countries that ‘Desecrate Holy Quran’, 1 August 2023 “In a statement, the OIC stressed the need for a reevaluation, whether on the economic, cultural, or other levels, to express nations’ rejection of the repeated insults to the sanctity of the Quran and Islamic symbols.”



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