Not Even WaterSeries 2: Best Behaviour Please – Episode 3 of 5

This episode of Not Even Water had some interesting thoughts on content creation, along with an interview with Imam Zakarya Gangat from Cambridge Mosque:

“Where better to talk about the holy month than from a Mosque – a place buzzing with activity for 30 days straight. In this special episode recorded at Cambridge Central Mosque (Europe’s first eco-friendly mosque), Mehreen Baig speaks to podcaster and content creator, Kalo Kachar, and Akke Rahman, who is the first ever British Muslim to climb Mount Everest. They talk about what being on your ‘best behaviour’ means and what faith means to them.”

Kalo Kachar is co-host (with Nisrin ) of ‘Sadly Relatable’ (YouTube) and Audio version.

Imam Zakarya gave an amusing interview. He used to be an estate agent …


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