Masooda Bano, Journal of Muslims in Europe, 11:1, Islamic Authority and Centres of Knowledge Production in Europe, 2022 Another one for my reading list. “The centrality of the Qurʾan and Hadith (reports describing the words, actions, or habits of the Prophet Muhammad) in Islamic teachings has resulted in a rich tradition of textual scholarship. Scholars trained in the major Islamic sciences at the leading centres of Islamic learning command a high degree of influence over how Muslims understand their faith. Yet the authority exercised by Islamic scholars is not only contingent on their demonstration of loyalty to the text but also depends on their ability to relate Islamic teaching to social reality. This article shows how the changing socio-economic profile and attitudes of second- and third-generation Muslim immigrants are marking a gradual shift away from textual literalism within Islamic centres of learning in Europe: scholars demonstrating an ability to relate Islam to European reality are gaining visible traction among young European Muslims.”


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