Joan Aurelia Rumengan,Rest of World, Millions of sellers stranded as TikTok Shop shutters in Indonesia, 4 Oct 2023

“The Indonesian government’s move to protect small businesses in the country could potentially end up hurting them.”There are over 6 million sellers and 7 million affiliate creators on TikTok in Indonesia, according to the company. Many of them have voiced their concerns about the ban on social media, with the hashtag #KamiUMKMdiTikTok or “We are MSME on TikTok.” Koh Cun, a TikTok affiliate creator with 1.4 million followers, posted a video about how selling through TikTok had helped him move from a smaller city, where he had a dwindling offline business, to Jakarta. “My kid could get a better education because of TikTok Shop,” he said in the video.”


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