MT Rahman, Post-Prohibition Da’wah of Hizb ut-Tahrir Indonesia and Islamic Defenders Front
– Ilmu Dakwah: Academic Journal for Homiletic Studies, 2023

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Abstract (extract): “The focus of this research was carried out in the branch areas of HTI and FPI, namely in West Java and Banten. The data in this paper come from direct observation, in-depth interviews and documentation review. This paper finds differences in the pattern of the dakwah movements of HTI and FPI after they were disbanded, both in the dissemination of ideas and in the pattern of recruitment. HTI implemented a massive migration in preaching the idea of a khilafah from direct (offline) efforts to indirect (online) efforts. In its recruitment, HTI continues to maintain its conventional efforts through face-to-face preaching (Daurah), with the addition of using wing organizations as its spearhead.”


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