Sally Shakkour, AlBawaba, Are Meta and Twitter Employees Removing Posts of Iranian Protests? “Peaceful protests have erupted again in several Iranian cities to decry the high increase in food prices including bread and the deteriorating Economy in the Islamic Republic. However, since the start of the rallies, people have been complaining that the videos or posts shared online to transmit the reality about what is happening in Iran are being deleted from social media.”

Also see BBC Persian:

آیا حکومت ایران در اینستاگرام ‘نفوذ’ کرده است؟

Center for Human Rights, Protesters Killed While Iran’s Government Blocks Internet and Media Coverage “At least five protesters are dead amid a violent state crackdown on street demonstrations in Iran, while the authorities have blocked internet access in protest hot zones, pressured domestic media not to cover the protests, and arrested growing numbers of protesters and activists.”


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