Opinion and analysis:

Amwaj.media, Inside story: Iran’s supreme leader strongly rejects role in Hamas attack, 10 Oct 2023

“Iran’s supreme leader has strongly rejected any involvement in the Hamas movement’s surprise attack on Israel. The public maneuvering, which involved Ayatollah Ali Khamenei strikingly repeating his rejection of an Iranian role three times in a 90-second span, follows controversial claims in US media that Tehran helped plan the Oct. 7 blitz.”

Amwaj.media, Media review: Iranian officials, media hail Hamas attack on Israel, 9 Oct 2023

“Senior Iranian officials have hailed the Hamas movement’s surprise attack on Israel. Meanwhile, Iranian media have also praised the Palestinian blitz, with one paper linking it to recent comments by the supreme leader insisting that Israel’s existence is nearing its end.

“However, Tehran has refrained from claiming any involvement in the offensive—with some senior figures highlighting that Hamas is “independent.””


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