I’m tracking Ramadan 1445 online coverage, focusing on aspects specific to rituals and innovative use of graphics/video:

Khadijah Elshayyal, Digital British Islam, Exploring Ramadan 1445, 26 Mar 2024 An explanatory article, linking to the Digital British Islam Ramadan 1445 archive.

Arab News, Haramain railway transports over 1.3m visitors so far during Ramadan, 3 Apr 2024 “The Haramain High-Speed Railway has so far transported over 1.3 million visitors and Umrah performers during Ramadan, providing round-the-clock trips between Madinah and Makkah, the Saudi Press Agency reported.”

The above is simply the latest in a long line of discussions about the veracity of moonsighting claims and calculations – issues which have been articulated online for many years. See my earlier books for details on this.
I find the informal conversations captured online personalise key contemporary figures associated with Mecca in particular and can be quite insightful.


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