I came across the “Hamas dot com” story in this week’s Private Eye. I’ve tracked back on the story and found the following related links. The site is now down, and may have some malicious software attached to this (which my system blocked):

@Shayan86 X thread :

Aleksandra Wrona, Snopes, “Is Hamas .com a Website for Hamas?”, 29 Nov 2023 “We used ICANN — a tool that allows users to look up “current registration data for domain names and Internet number resources” — to independently verify that claim about the site being created on Wix .com, which is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.”

Elaph.com article

New Arab, “Hamas .com Israel’s latest propaganda tool”, 25 Nov 2023 “The website’s home page shows the Hamas logo with the words in English underneath “Support the Liberation of Palestine”.”


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