I’m now on Threads, but it will take me a while to get up to speed on it. You can find my link here:


I’ve been on holiday, and also putting some finishing touches to the manuscript for my next book, so there have been fewer posts over the past couple of weeks....

Hyphenated Podcast

I discussed aspects of research on digital Islam with Reya El-Salahi on the Hyphenated podcast (available through links to Spotify and Apple podcasts + Hyphenated’s webpage below).

Heştek İslam

Gary R. Bunt, Heştek İslam: Si̇ber-İslami̇ Ortamlar Di̇ni̇ Otori̇teyi̇ Nasil Dönüştürür? (trans. Mehmet Ali Başak & Aziz Akkaya) (Istanbul: Adab Yayınları, 2022). eBook. Basılı sürüm Aralık 2022’de satışa sunulacak...