Zeba Khan, Muslim Matters, “Dirty Da’wah – Insult In The Name Of Islam” (Part 1) “The internet can be a nasty place, especially for Muslims. Insults, misrepresentations, attacks against Muslim scholars, and attacks against Muslim themselves are a norm; and I’m not even talking about the grief that non-Muslims give us. I’m talking about the grief we’re giving ourselves in the name of Islam.”

Zeba Khan, Muslim Matters, “Dirty Da’wah – “The Satisfying” | Revenge In The Name Of Islam” (Part 2) “If da’wah is the beautiful call, then “Dirty Da’wah” is a vengeful sneer. In addition to tactics like insulting [see Dirty Da’wah Part 1 ] and manufacturing controversy, the production of “Satisfying” videos directed at Muslim audiences is Part 2 of this series on what’s rotten in the Muslim internet.”

Part 3 to follow. This is an engaging title/series.


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