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Israa Ghrayeb - updated

BBC News, Israa Ghrayeb: Palestinian woman's death prompts soul-searching

"Israa came from a conservative family where strict social rules guide courtship between young women and men, and her use of social media would become a focal point amid the disputed circumstances that led up to her death.
"She is believed to have posted to friends on social media a photo of herself and her fiancé in a coffee shop. The contents of the account have since been deleted. "
As the article notes, social media played a role in following up the case after Israa's death/murder, including a hashtag campaign around her name. BBC Monitoring notes that three people have now been charted in relation to this case. Also see Ramzy Baroud's article in Mint Press News, ‘Justice is Indivisible’:The Screams of Israa Ghrayeb Should Be Our Wake-up Call

Also see Stepfeed, #WeAreIsraa reminds the Arab world of the misogyny that kills womenp07n3s1d

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