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Turkey Internet

Hagia Sophia

Coverage of the re-opening of Aya Sofia (Hagia Sophia) as a mosque, Discover More…

Turkey Net Block

Turkey internet blockage Discover More…

KSA Bot Army

Marc Owen Jones, Middle East Eye, Saudi Arabia's bot army flourishes as Twitter fails to tame the beast Discover More…

Wikipedia Turkey ban lifts

Deutsche Welle, Wikipedia back online in Turkey after judge lifts ban
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Turkish Village Theatre

Sara Tor, Middle East Eye, The Turkish mother who brought the lives of village women to the world:

"Ummiye Kocaktaught herself to direct theatre, made a film about abuse and became a household name in Turkey."

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China Surveillance

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Turkey: Doctors Imprisoned

Fox News, Turkey sentences leading doctors to prison for condemning Syria offensive
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Erdogan Video Use

BBC News, Christchurch shootings: Why Turkey's Erdogan uses attack video
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Gaming Intelligence

al-Monitor, Cyberization means it's not your daddy's war anymore

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Ottoman Era Photos Digitised

The Iris, Ottoman-Era Photographs Take on New Meaning in Their Digital Life
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Turkey to use intercepted Saudi comms to demolish Khashoggi cover-up

Middle East Eye, Turkey to use intercepted Saudi comms to demolish Khashoggi cover-up

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Jamal Khashoggi - updated

Updated collection of articles relating to the Jamal Khashoggi case. Read more too @garybunt Discover More…

Jamal Khashoggi

Middle East Eye, Jamal Khashoggi: Amateur sleuths scour web for details of 15 Saudi men "Late on Tuesday night, pro-government Turkish outlets published the names and photos of 15 people they claim were involved in Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi's disappearance, setting off a frantic search among social media users for any publicly available information about the mysterious list."

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