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Christchurch attack

Twitter Action

Independent, Twitter suspends dozens of white nationalist accounts that spread Christchurch shootings conspiracy theory Discover More…

“Great Replacement” Theory

Guardian, Christchurch mosque killer’s theories seeping into mainstream, report warns
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FB curbs Live

BBC, Christchurch attacks: Facebook curbs Live feature
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Jhang's NZ Tribute

Al Jazeera, Pakistanis form human image of Christchurch mosque
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Coverage of the Christchurch attacks and their aftermath (updated) Discover More…

Tech Censorship

Ryan Broderick & Ellie Hall, Buzzfeed, Tech Platforms Obliterated ISIS Online. They Could Use The Same Tools On White Nationalism.
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Australia Far-Right

SMH, Ex-head of Australian right-wing group posted anti-Islamic material online in breach of court order
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Erdogan Video Use

BBC News, Christchurch shootings: Why Turkey's Erdogan uses attack video
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