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Hashtag Islam

I received a hard copy of my 'Hashtag Islam' book - published by Pentagon Press. Discover More…

Religion as Critique

Book Launch - Religion as Critique by Irfan Ahmad . Another book in the University of North Carolina Press Islamic Civilizations & Muslim Networks Series (of which I'm a part of), which has been published in India by OUP.

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'Hashtag Islam' Review

American Academy of Religions, Reading Religion, Review of 'Hashtag Islam'

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UNC Press Islamic Civilization and Muslim Networks 15th Anniversary

Bruce B. Lawrence: Celebrating the Fifteenth Anniversary of the Islamic Civilization and Muslim Networks Book Series at UNC Press

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UNC Press 15th Anniversary celebration

UNC Press is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its Islamic Civilization and Muslim Networks series, which I have had the privilege of contributing to. Great team to work with.
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Discounted 'Hashtag Islam'

Special Offer:
SAVE 40% on 'Hashtag Islam' (and 'iMuslims') during the UNC Press Religious Studies Sale using discount code 01REL40. Click here for details
T&C apply, etc.

Hashtag Islam video

Promo film for 'Hashtag Islam'

Virtually Islamic Blog - Regenerated

Work in progress:

My Virtually Islamic blog has been running in various formats since 2000 (2003 on Blogger). All of the entries can be found

While I will continue to maintain that page, as part of my website revision in anticipation of the publication of 'Hashtag Islam', I will also be using this platform for further Virtually Islamic blog posts.

Hashtag Islam - Print Version

I'm very pleased to have received my first printed copy of 'Hashtag Islam'. It's been great to have had the chance to work again with series editors Bruce B. Lawrence and Carl W. Ernst - alongside Executive Editor Elaine Maisner and the excellent UNC Press team. The book is out in October.

Photo: Hashtag Islam covers

Library Journal Review - Hashtag Islam

“ … the sociological underpinnings of this work make for a touchstone for further investigation.” James Wetherbee, Library Journal, 'Spirituality and Religion', August 2018

Publishers Weekly - Review of Hashtag Islam

Publishers Weekly, Nonfiction Review, Hashtag Islam: How Cyber- Islamic Environments Are Transforming Religious Authority

" ... by investigating how Muslim communities are utilizing (and being transformed by) the ongoing worldwide digital revolution, this work proves to be an important addition to literature on contemporary Islam."
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